Jae Greene, stunt man

Jae Greene is a stuntman, coordinator and stunt actor from the Philadelphia area trained in various martial arts, parkour, and traditional and HK style stunts.

Jae is also the Vice President and head trainer for Philadelphia Stunt Crew. Jae founded Fearless Hyenas Stunts in 2007 with partner Mohammed J Ali. The Fearless Hyenas merged with Philly Stunts in 2011 to form the premier east coast stunt team.

Jae's trained in Tae Kwondo, Wushu, Shaolin Kung Fu, Capoeira, parkour, freerunning, impact falls, high falls, precision driving and much more.

Jae has also trained with some of the legends of martial arts and film including: Grandmaster Zhao Changjun, Grandmaster William Cheung, and Hollywood stuntman Arnold Chon.