David Campbell, soundtrack composer

David Campbell is a composer from New York who is currently studying with Sheila Silver at SUNY Stony Brook in pursuit of a PhD in composition. He has previously studied composition under noted composers Roger Briggs and Lesley Sommer at Western Washington University (MM) David's music is fiercely independent; a combination of classical, contemporary, and non-musical influences. He has received numerous commissions and national awards including a spot as an ASCAP/SCI Young composers competition finalist in 2010.

An avid fan of movies and movie scores, David is enjoying a new foray into the world of film music. This move also coincides with the launch of his upcoming website davidhalcampbell.com, and its partner enterprise: digital composer solutions. DCS is a one stop production solution for composers, film-makers, and anyone who needs professionally mastered music in any genre.

David is always looking for new projects, and can be reached at davidthecomposer@gmail.com. Davidhalcampbell.com and Digital composer solutions are both set to go live beginning January 2012.